Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Summer poem

                                                            I hope you enjoyed my Summer poem

Friday, September 14, 2018

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Smart Learner

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we are learning to critique blog posts and we are learning to use voki to create your own character and give it voice.
By Barbara

Friday, July 6, 2018

My shell

...Like a snail
I hear the beach
Little bit cold.

By Barbara

Friday, June 29, 2018

My best friend forever

My best friend forever

My best friend Victoria she is really fun, the day I come to
New Zealand I’m sad and happy because i’m sad because she
stay on Brazil and i’m happy because i’m come to New Zealand
now let's go back the day i’m live on Brazil on Brazil I go to
school and on my school I see a girl her name is Victoria and I
play with her I think this “maybe she just my friend” and the
pass and me and her now it’s best friends forever the day I’m
sad she play a lot with me she stay with me she eat with me on
Brazil just have 1 lunch don’t have morning tea just lunch and
on the lunch we play a lot on Brazil don’t have playground for
we gonna play but we play the bell rang, the lunch  finish we run
to sit on the line and we go back to the class and I sit next
Victoria and look what we do, I make a card and I write example
Hi Victoria what we gonna do?? And me and her talk with the
card and the time the teacher look we hide the card is really fun
have times we hide but the teacher see the card and the
teacher put on the rubbish and Victoria make another card
that's really fun and another time I make a card and I write
“Victoria I say to teacher I go toilet and after you say too” and I
do this I go toilet and I wait for her and we go to toilet to talk
because the class is really boring and we go to toilet and we
talk little bit or the teacher come to the toilet see what we doing
and have times I say “I don’t look anymore in your face!!!!” and
the another day “Hi!!!! Let’s play!!!” that’s really fun but now I
just play with her on my cell phone and on the computer  
because I don’t have nothing to do on the Saturday and I call to
her but have times she on the school but now I just play with
her on my cell phone.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

My rock Poem

The girl and the fish

The girl and the fish A little girl her name is Violet.
She loves fish. One day Violet say for her mom -Mom
can you buy a fish for me? Violet mom say -OK, but we
gonna see and Violet went to her room happy.
The another day  Saturday Violet go eat her breakfast.
And she go run talk to her mom and Violet say
-Mom let’s go buy a fish for me please? And her mom said
-OK. And she go. After on the shop Violet saw a beautiful fish
the fish color is Gold and she say -Mom this one. And the
price is 70,5$ and her mom say -Violet is so much money
and Violet say -Mom please I love this fish And Violet
mom say -OK but don’t tell to me buy a something and
Violet say -OK!!! And she buy the fish. On the home Violet put
the fish on the aquarium. And Violet give to the fish a really good
food. On the night Violet give little bit food for the fish and
she go sleep. On the another day she go to the church and after
church Violet give to the fish a food and on the lunch Violet
eat and she give little bit food to the fish and after she gonna play.
And know Violet love her fish. The fish name is kitty.